cinematic landscape for hyperrealistic photography, (masterpiece, top quality, ultra-detailed, official art, best quality, beautiful and aesthetic:1.2), 4k, 8k, Dimly lit environments, 24bit colors, a stunning film noir still photograph, chaloujiusi, XUER Dunhuang rock, Top fashion magazine cover, (close up:1.2), (1girl/sexy, be all-powerful, close up), solo, (looking at viewer/head up:1.4), (cyberpunk/Ultra short skirt, headphone:1.3), black hair, hair ornament, long sleeves, jewelry, earrings, wide sleeves, hair bun, lips, facial mark, single hair bun, floating, forehead mark, levitation, bare shoulders, (playing instrument, holding instrument, playing violin/holding violin bow),(Dark gray background:1.3),cinematic film style, special effects, VFX, award-winning picture, highly detailed, ultra-high resolutions, 32K UHD, sharp focus,